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Waddoups’ BIG BROTHER alcohol database

waddoupsJust as you think there might be a slim chance of making Utah liquor laws more reasonable, you wake up in the morning and read this (

A proposal to scan the driver licenses of bar patrons and keep it on file in a state law enforcement database is a good start, says Senate President Michael Waddoups, but he wants to see the program go further.

Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, says he wants to see the database idea start with private clubs, but extend to restaurants that serve diners beer and liquor.

That would greatly expand the scope of the data collection and create a new requirement for restaurants, which are not required to have people sign up as members in order to serve beer and liquor. There are fewer than 400 clubs and taverns and nearly 1,100 restaurants licensed to serve alcohol.

So Senator Waddoups wants a record maintained of people who are doing a perfectly legal activity? And why? Get ready to spit your coffee:

“In a restaurant, if they’re serving alcohol, the person ordering the alcohol should show the ID,” said Waddoups, who was receiving a demonstration of the license scanners after the Legislature’s budget meeting Friday. “At some point, the restaurant would feed [the information] into the central database.”

That way, he said, if the restaurant patron left the restaurant and went to a bar, the bartender could know the customer may have already been drinking and might need to be watched more closely.

Okay, I go back to my original belief that they need to administer IQ tests before people can serve in elected office.

Not only is this new idea extremely burdensome to businesses, it certainly would be found to violate individual rights of privacy. Let’s see now, what other legal activities can we keep track of people doing?

And tourists? Well, they’ll stay away in droves once they find out we’re going to keep their names in our Big Brother law enforcement database of bad evil people who drink a glass of wine with dinner.

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The Chris Buttars Round File

For Ugly, Black, Baby Judicial Appointments

For 'Ugly, Black, Baby' Judicial Appointments

Hello One Utah! One Utah? Really? Are you all deluded? Can’t you just hack off Park City and join the Peoples Republic of Boulder?

Good luck with this Buttars charat… caracte…. catarac… catastrop… caricature.

Love, Brigham

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(P.S. It is intentional that the title of the post is the first part of the kitteh aht and the later portions are repeated below. I don’t need the red-ink brigade on my back. Thank you. Come Again.)



Something Fishy in South Davis Country. State Senate Race Watson v Liljenquist

There is something fishy going on in South Davis County in the race for the open Utah Senate seat. Richard Watson is the the democratic candidate.

His Republican opponent is AWOL. Dan Liljenquist, you will recall, survived a tragic plane crash in Guatemala sustaining serious multiple injuries. All of which makes this post very difficult to write.

Based upon his now non-existent campaign, one must assume his recovery has taken precedence over the demands of pursuing public office, as well it should. We all pray for his strong recovery.

But rather than doing the right thing, the Republican Party has made a brutal and Machiavellian path: assume he will prevail based on party affiliation alone, then once in office, appoint someone to replace him.

The Republican Party’s silence on this issue has been deafening. Secrecy seems to be the hallmark of ethics challenged republicans these days. South Davis County voters should demand answers.

But the saga darkens. As many know, House rep Sheryl Allen was the sole Republican to sign the ethics complaint against Greg Hughes. Several weeks ago, after a meeting with House Speaker Greg Curtis during which he threatened to kill any legislation with her name on it, Sheryl backed off the ethics complaint.

I’ll bet Sheryl was also offered Liljenquist’s seat if he wins. If that happens, creepy Curtis will have muzzled yet another republican.

Bountiful voters should take this opportunity to elect Richard Watson. Richard is one of the finest, hardest-working civic leaders South Davis County has ever known. Loved and respected by all, his track record speaks for itself; three-time community council member, two-time PTA board member, Jr. Jazz and Mueller Park baseball coach, Richard Watson is the most honest person to run for office one could hope to find.

Huntsman could use more friends on The Hill and frankly, a little balance in the State Senate couldn’t hurt either.

Somebody should demand answers from The Utah Republican Party. Here’s their site. Good luck getting any contact info.

Todd Weiler, State party Vice Chair is your best bet.

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