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This Land is YOUR Land

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want you to consider an America where we all have jobs in abundance.  I want you to imagine being sick and going to a doctor, FOR FREE.

I want you to take into yourself the concept, that not all is lost, and get PISSED.  I’m mad as hell!! When did we give these corporations authority to annihilate the American dream? When did you, the American working class, give the permission to General Motors to blight entire cities? Why did you let this happen?

Was it the thought that your  free market could take (everybody to the top) ?

Was it the thought that the American Sofistaclass would NOT leave you behind?

News flash… They don’t give I flying fuck about you, and believe me, if they didn’t have to pay you minimum wage…. they wouldn’t.

The top 1% would like you to believe that everything will be fine as they kick you out of your home. When do we draw the line in the sand? 21 million homeless Americans? Well if thats the case, it would be today.

I invite YOU, if you are a real patriot, to join YOUR Occupy movement today.

You might even get to meet me in person….

Thank you,

Martin Bammes

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