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Alaska State Pastime: Hunting or Vote Rigging?

Serious problems with vote rigging in Alaska in 2004 (which favored Republicans) were never resolved. This time around the fix is in and puts the smell of rotten fish to shame. I understand Alaska had the largest delta in the country between pre-election polls and final results – as much as 10% in guess who’s race?

Think Republican, convicted felon, old and white. If you didn’t guess Ted Stevens, you are probably a life-long Republican.

Native Alaskan, Shannyn Moore is watching closely.

Four years ago, 313,592 out of 474,740 registered voters in Alaska participated in the election-a 66% turnout. Taking into account 49,000 outstanding ballots, on Tuesday 272,633 out of 495,731 registered Alaskans showed up at the polls; a turnout of 54.9%. That’s a decrease of more than 11% in voter turnout even though passions ran high for and against Barack Obama, as well as for and against Sarah Palin!
Do read the whole thing.

One has to wonder; if the Republicans stopped cheating completely — and they are VERY GOOD cheaters (liars too…oh yeah and criminals) — how many would be left? I mean really. They are already extinct in New England.

Picture Jason Chaffetz caucusing all by himself.

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GOP IT Guru Ordered Deposed MONDAY! Rove Next!

Maybe Reid and Pelosi are smarter than we thought…

The attorneys in the case have said that Connell’s testimony may well lead to the subpoenaing and under-oath questioning of Karl Rove, who, they say, would be unable to use Executive Privilege as an excuse to avoid such a subpoena in a civil RICO case…

I wish Ken Bingham were around to tell us why there seems to have been SO MUCH corruption by Republicans under Bushie. He’s probably too busy looking for a one room rental to move his family into now that he’s upside down on his mortgage.

ht/t NBBooks/DailyKos

Republican computer expert Mike Connell, who has been implicated as being at the center of vote fraud in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004, has been ordered by an Ohio judge to appear for a deposition on Monday, the day before the election!

This takes out one of the GOP’s most important players – at the most crucial time imaginable!

The full story is available on The Brad Blog here.

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