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Where to Vote in Utah. And Some Thoughts on Voting

UPDATE: If you are registered to vote in Salt Lake County, you can vote on Monday at the Salt Lake County Government Center, 2001 South State Street in Salt Lake City. (Thanks Richard!). I tried to check Davis County to see if you could vote Monday, though I’m quite sure the schedule ended on Saturday, but the server is overloaded with requests right now. EVERYONE, persist! Check with your own county. And STAY IN LINE!

Okay, Utah, early voting is over. You have no choice left but to vote on Tuesday.

If you don’t know where YOU go to vote, click here.

Here is the Utah Voter Information Pamphlet where you can read about state candidates, propositions, and judges up for retention.

And now it’s up to you. You have been given a chance to express YOUR own preference in the most real way — you get to choose who you want and what propositions you want. If you don’t vote, well, I assume you are just plain lazy or don’t care. If that’s the case, you deserve whatever you get, and you have no right to complain. Even if there are certain races in which you just can’t vote for either candidate, you can abstain from those, but vote on the remainder.

When I went to vote early on Monday, an older couple in front of me managed to stand in line for the 45 minutes, though the man required a cane to walk and was unable to stand for that length of time. As the line wound around the library, his wife would locate a chair nearby where he could sit and pass the time. I also saw two dads whose wives held their place in line while those large guys sat on teeny chairs at miniature tables in the children’s section reading story after story to their little girls to keep them entertained during the wait. My son has been sick and can’t yet drive, but called and asked if I would drive him to the polls on Tuesday.

People who want to vote will figure out a way to do it. Failure to vote disrespects the service and sacrifices of those who ensured that vote for you, and devalues the precious freedoms we enjoy.

If you need a ride to your polling place, you can call me. I’ll drive you there. Really. I mean it, just try me.

Okay, now what’s your excuse? Get out there on Tuesday and vote!

UPDATE: A great video. Now VOTE!

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