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Updated: Wall Street Protest Live!

Tell anyone you know within range of New York City to GET DOWN THERE!

Live Stream: Protesters Occupy Wall Street

Over a thousand protesters began occupying Wall Street on Saturday in response to what they call “the economic occupation” of big banks and moneyed interests. The protesters, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, plan to engage in a long-term civil disobedience.

Funny.  I dont see any Tea Baggers.  I guess the Koch Bros aren’t paying for this excursion.

Update 5pm, 9.19.2011 – CBS is the first of the MSM to report on this.

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Letter: NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to Barney Frank re: Merrill Lynch 2008 Bonuses

Have you ever noticed that ALL BIG PROTESTS are of liberals. Republicans never protest, ever?

Why aren’t Republicans licking up a storm about wall street bonuses. This is the kind of thing they could really unite behind. You know, grab the moral high ground for once.

Republicans should occupy Wall Street and demand bonuses be surrendered back to tax payers. It may be their last chance have any significance…except in Utah…for now.

Update: Thain Tells All on Merrill Lynch Bonuses
Former CEO Reveals Who Got What on Eve of Merger with Bank of America

Click here to read letter (PDF)

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