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Do the Patriotic Thing: Blow your Brains Out

According to London’s Daily Telegraph, the architects of the Palin Doctrine are a group of people who have been singularly wrong about virtually everything in the last decade — the neocons, who have been briefing Palin for weeks.

As predicted, the fact that she didn’t know anything wasn’t a bug, it was a feature. She’s perfect for the neocons: likable on the outside, a blank slate on the inside. To borrow from an old cliché, if Sarah Palin didn’t exist, the neocons would have had to invent her.

How else do you imagine a quote from an avowed racist writer Westbrook Pegler ended up in her acceptance speech, “We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity.”

“Pegler was a rabid Joe McCarthyite” and wrote for the John Birch Society.

Surely Palin knows NO MORE about Pegler than she does about the Bush doctrine. But the people around her do, and they will be shaping a Palin presidency. That they would inject not just Pegler’s words but spirit into their candidate’s speech shows where they’re coming from. Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, said that the Palin-sparked convention created “a whole new Republican Party,” but what it actually did was exhume an old one from its crypt.

The specifics have changed in our new century, but the vitriolic animus of right-wing populism preached by Pegler and McCarthy and revived by the 1990s culture wars remains the same. The game is always to pit the good, patriotic real Americans against those subversive, probably gay “cosmopolitan” urbanites (as the sometime cross-dresser Rudy Giuliani has it) who threaten to take away everything that small-town folk hold dear.

Idiocy in America was once measured by how many people voted for Bush the second time. Now we have another litmus test, people who think Palin was picked for anything reason other than her Machiavellian willingness to take orders from the fascists lobbyist running McCain’s campaign.

Any American who really believes Palin could, should or would run this country, needs to do the patriotic thing; go straight from Church to some place quiet and blow their brains out with your ‘piece’.



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