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Most Utah Women Want Government Up Their Vaginas

Finally, I understand why there are woman who vote Republican.

Giving Utah Leaders What They Want

While most women might find it distressing that legislation has popped up across various states that would restrict affordable birth control and enforce invasive ultrasounds before going through with an abortion, these women find them to be refreshing.

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Conservative Lies: Contraception is Abortion

The anti-abortion crowd has been, for a very long time, very quietly anti-contraception. Arguments against contraception range from the ludicrous (use of contraception leads to abortion) to the medically inaccurate (chemical contraception is actually a form of chemical abortion). Since 98% of American women will use contraception during their lives, arguing against it seems like an act of an insanity, so the wingnut brigade has chosen a different tactic: redefining contraception as something other than what it is, with of course the help of the lunatics in the Bush administration.

So smiley Mikey Leavitt proposed new regulations declaring the contraception is abortion and protecting the “right” of anti-abortion doctors, nurses and pharmacists to not do their jobs and not get fired.

Dr. Anne Davis writes:

But the Bush administration wants my clinic and healthcare facilities around the country “not to discriminate” against doctors or any other staff who would withhold contraception from women who rely on it to continue working, going to school, and raising the children they already have. In essence, the Department of Health and Human Services finds it both healthy and humane to hire people who don’t believe in women’s healthcare to provide women’s healthcare. As a July 30 article in the Washington Post noted, patients’ health should come first in the medical world, not religion or politics.

The letter from Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health to Leavitt and the HHS reads in part:
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