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Why the BBC and FOX Can No Longer be Believed

Word 4 word from The Existentialist Cowboy

Like a cornered dog, the BBC has lashed out at a growing movement of organized critics of Bush ‘conspiracy theories’ of 911. How credible is this offensive? BBC reporting of 911 is at the very least ‘questionable’, at worst, ‘dishonest’. I suggest that the BBC is trying to save face, having blown almost every opportunity to report honestly with regard to the events of 911.

The BBC’s coverage of Building 7 is the part that contains the whole! It’s a sorry ‘incredible’ mess! Anyone watching the BBC report of the collapse of WTC Building 7 when the building is seen still standing behind the reporter should question BBC motives, sources, ethics, and operations. Where did the BBC get the information that a standing building had collapsed before it could have or did? Why did the BBC report as fact the collapse of a building that would not collapse for another 23 minutes? How did the BBC know? read more…

Sorry Richard. I know you hate this stuff. But its simply not going away. I hope you’ll watch the video when you get home.

If there were a simple explanation for the amazing coincidence that FOX, BBC, and CNN all reported the collapse of WTC7 before it actually happened, why haven’t we heard it?


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